How to Get Healthy & Lose Weight Fast!

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Weight loss is the natural progression when you are getting healthy. Likewise, being unhealthy is a guaranteed path to increased body fat. Using a ketogenic program and getting your body to run on the correct fuel you get healthy and lose weight. So the focus is to get healthy then you naturally and easily lose weight with long term results.

Trying to lose weight instead of getting healthy is the wrong sequence and, therefore, the wrong target for immediate and long-term results. There is a correct sequence when you are trying to do something effectively.

You may have been educated by others or popular media that the primary source of body energy comes from glucose (sugar & carbohydrates). This is false information; it has been spread primarily by those interested in making money from sales of sugar-laden food products.

The primary & preferred source of energy for the body are ketones (or fat for fuel). The body produces ketones from fat; when you are burning fat for fuel, you are in a state of ketosis.

It’s straightforward. To begin burning the correct fuel, you merely need to bring down to normal the hormone that tells your body what to use for energy.

This hormone is called insulin.

Insulin is the body’s primary hormone which determines what fuel you will use. If insulin is low, fat will be used exclusively as fuel. If insulin is high, no fat will be burned, only sugar.

You can be on a ‘healthy’ diet and still have high insulin; this is relatively common.

When you want to train your body to burn fat, you need to lower your carbohydrates to around 20 – 30 grams/day along with a balanced healthy lifestyle. Yes, contrary to what you have been told, it is that simple. One of the most significant barriers my clients often have is ‘unlearning’ the misinformation they’ve been given and engaging in the simple, effective techniques that work and get long-term and immediate results.

With a well-formulated ketogenic program, you will become ‘fat-adapted. In this state, your body will quickly burn fat for fuel. You will lose weight rapidly and benefit in many other ways that improve your health, fitness potential, energy levels, mental focus, emotional health and increase your longevity.

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