Finding Fertility Naturally!

Finding Fertility Naturally! 


This episode features Tara Scaringi, MS, PA, Nutrition Response Testing Practitioner, Practice Co-Owner at Synergy Nutrition and Wellness, and CellCore Biosciences Rep.!  

Want to get pregnant naturally? Meet Tara an expert in fertility and holistic wellness. Tara has experienced an amazing, transformative journey that leads to having her own child after years of trying. 

Tara has a passion for helping people better their lives. She has a deep understanding of how to help people become fertile and start a family. This episode shares her experience and knowledge. Learn actionable, proven strategies to improve your fertility and set you up to start your family! 

To contact Tara directly reach out to her online at:

Via email:

Or call her practice: (716) 264 4248


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